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There are many similarities between E-Scooters and E-Bikes, and there are also many differences. I have listed the top 7 below.
  1. Range

This is an important one. How far is your electric vehicle going to last before you need to plug it in?

You definitely don’t want to run out of charge. Unless you are going to work or a place where you can charge your battery before you come back you will need a big enough battery life. Otherwise, both machines will suddenly become an expensive pile of metal that you have to physically carry with you rather than the other way around.

The combination of usage, rider weight, road surface and speed setting all come into place. You will get your longest distances out of riding on eco compared to high speed but will not necessarily get there quicker!

The range of an e-bike varies hugely. By being economical you can get a range of around 50-100km. This is impressive.

On the flip side, you can ride around with the battery at max power and get a range of around 35km if your say going uphill at top speed.

The standard range of an e-scooter is expected to be around 35km. This makes them ideal for short journeys in cities.

  1. Speed

This category is an even match for the e-scooter and e-bike. Both of the vehicle's motors are limited to 15.5mph by law as long as they are rental.

An e-bike can travel faster than this, however you'll find that the motor will disengage and provide you with no assistance while on a rental scooter. If you get your own and travel on private property this can go much faster. Some e-bikes now can even go north of 60 mph. You then have a normal, albeit heavier, bicycle.

For a rental e-scooter is limited to 15.5mph. Even when going downhill it won’t go any faster. This can feel strange when gravity isn’t working as it should! Buying your own will get you over 20-30mph+ but again be careful of the law as travelling the road/pavement for e-scooters is currently not allowed unless on private property with permission, keep in mind this may change in the upcoming months and prices may shoot up accordingly.

The main positive in terms of speed for the e-scooter is its acceleration.

Starting from traffic lights, or a junction, the e-scooter immediately glides away very smoothly, and you'll leave the cyclists in your wake.

  1. Comfortability

You might not necessarily want to stand up for your whole journey, you may have bad knees, or you may not feel comfortable riding in busy places while standing up. While standing up is extremely fun, sitting down offers some kind of support along your journey and if you will get tired standing up on the journey, it might be better getting an e-bike.

If you know you don’t have to idle a lot and you can get past lots of cars/people or you have to travel shorter distances, then standing up might not be so tiring and an e-bike might be best for you.

  1. Exercise

Depending if you have pedal assist enabled or not riding an e-bike can offer much more exercise than standing on an e-scooter! Obviously, you would not want to arrive at work sweaty, but you might want to get some exercise in on the way. Also, if you use pedal assist then considerably less battery is used in the process, and you would be able to travel much longer distances. You might even be able to get your vehicle home without a battery life which is another big factor!

  1. Price

While e-bikes start at around £1000, e-scooters start at around £300. This is a huge benefit for e-scooters.

  1. Portability

I would have to say another win for e-scooters as you can literally fold them up and put carry them up the stairs. Some e-bikes offer this functionality also, but it really depends on the brand.

  1. Safety

You may be a moving vehicle but that doesn’t mean you should be competing in races with cars or motorbikes, try to think of yourself as a bike or normal scooter and you will be much better off. Whenever riding always put your safety first, we recommend you wear a helmet at all times and drive at speeds well below the speed limit in the area. Also always make sure you are checking the maintenance of your bike, wheel punctures, battery life, brakes etc before you start riding your vehicle around everywhere.

E-bikes might offer some sense of safety as sitting down is the more common mode of transport and you be inclined to feel safer like this.

But to be honest there is not much difference between crashing standing up or sitting down, besides perhaps your knees might be in the way and offer some sort of protection in certain scenarios. It really all depends on the crash, for instance you’re standing up you might be able to avoid or jump off quicker in a different scenario. Just make sure to travel slowly, follow the law, trust your judgement at the time, react accordingly and try to be as aware as possible.

There have only been a few deaths reported each year in the UK, mostly city based.


While e-bikes win on the exercise factor many would argue e-scooters win the shorter distance fast/zooming around factor.

If you know you will be travelling shorter distances or you want to have a bigger sense of freedom, then e-scooters might be for you. There have been reports that standing up while travelling is invigorating and having that birds eye view on the roads is all the more fun!

One the other hand if you are looking for a fast-paced vehicle to get you around while also having the option of providing a little exercise then an e-bike may be more suited for you.

Either or they are great fun and with the number of cars zooming around today we may all be heading in this direction anyway.