The hype around electric scooters has gone through the roof in recent years, almost every day you see somebody whizzing past you through the city on their futuristic-looking mode of transport. But why is the ‘Razor’ scooter you used as a kid, now back and trending with added accessories such as electricity?! We at Gecko know all about this hype, why it is taking over, and the health benefits it has too.

Here are five reasons you need to jump on this trend.

     1. Balance and coordination improvement

When riding an electric scooter, you must do a lot of stabilising and balancing when going round corners, coming to a stop sign or waiting to turn at traffic lights. There are many times when you must keep your body stable and balanced to stop yourself from falling off when turning. However, these are secondary thoughts, and you don’t have to think about the way you are balancing when riding, it just comes naturally. Over time, with continuous use of an electric scooter, your balance and coordination can become impressively increased because of the turns and manoeuvres you make on the scooter which you wouldn’t do when walking or driving.



     2. Core strength and posture improvements

Closely related to balance and coordination, riding an electric scooter can also improve your core strength and posture. When riding you tend to think you turn by gripping the handlebars and pushing the scooter a certain way, however, you are using the muscles in your core to turn your body the way your head turns, not the handlebars. Whilst you are using these core muscles to turn, you are also working them and strengthening them. Similarly, when riding a scooter, you have to stand upright, you are rarely hunched over unlike when sitting down or walking with a hunched back, this then helps to improve your posture as well.


     3. Electric scooters are considered the most efficient means of transport

If you are an eco-warrior like us, you will take pride in using a mode of transport which is much better for the environment, an electric scooter is just that! It has been found that electric scooters are three times more efficient than combustion engines, and a moving person on a 30-50 lb scooter takes up a lot less energy than a 3,000-4,000 lb car. According to Forbes, ‘One study found that electric scooters can be 1,000% more efficient per mile than the average combustion vehicle based on energy needed to move them’. This alone could dramatically change the global warming crisis we are in if more people changed their mode of transport for short journeys.



     4. Electric scooters will soon be made legal to ride on roads in the UK

There has been discussion from the UK government about changing the laws on electric scooters in the UK because of their increased popularity and environmental benefits. According to What Car, ‘The Government will create a new low-speed, zero-emission category of vehicles as part of a new Transport Bill, which will allow for the full legalisation of private e-scooters on UK roads’. This will allow for privately owned scooters to be ridden on public roads as a way of travelling to work or campus, as currently, you can only use scooters on roads if they have been rented as part of a government-backed trial.


     5. Better for your wallet!

This one might be obvious, but you may be surprised how beneficial having an electric scooter is for your wallet. With the rise in fuel prices currently, now is a perfect time to switch to electric, especially electric scooters which are much smaller than electric cars and therefore take up a lot less electricity when charging. Another financial benefit is that your average car price in the UK is £28,000 according to Statista, whereas you can pick up an e-scooter for as little as £319 on Gecko. Another factor is the cost of paying for parking everywhere you go in a car, leave this hassle in the past with an electric scooter! Finally, for those concerned about the electric bill compared to fuel prices, Eridehero made a comparison and found that ‘Electricity to gas per mile makes an e-scooter 29 times less expensive than a car’.


Where can I get one?!

Here at Gecko, we have a wide range of electric scooters to choose from, to find the one that best suits your needs. We don’t only have electric scooters, but we also stock electric bikes and the ‘Cruzza Scoota’ as well, so you can be sure to find something that’s right for you.

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