Why are there so many bad news reports on E-scooters recently? Where did all this come from? Are e-scooters now illegal forever? What about e-bikes?
Today we will be answering all of your questions in our weekly blog!
Well if you haven't heard already electric scooters are now illegal on the roads. Only rental e-scooters are allowed thanks to trials that are taking place, with a maximum of 12.5mph on the road. These trials will last March until better procedures and measures address for the proper implementation of these devices will be introduced. Or could be..
Why do we think this will be a positive thing? Well let me tell you..

Lets start with all the current news reports.. “scooters are a danger to society” to “they are a menace on the road and should be banned."

Well first of all it’s important to address that bad news spreads fast. And when one piece of news picks up in one country, a law changes or whatever then you can bet your bottom dollar (or pound in this case) that there will be a horde of reporters and news outlets ready at the firing range.

These laws could be responses to A FEW lousy scooter manufacturers out there, or a small amount of people that forget to ride a helmet or rode dangerously on the road because proper procedures, protocols and laws weren't properly implemented yet. There needs to be a greater barrier for entry and better communication and training on these devices which is why the trials are being implemented. Besides this is all understandable as electric scooters kind of came out of no where and took the world by surprise. It’s not necessarily a reflection of the product… it’s a bump in the road... you get it.

The BIGGER Picture

It’s important to look at the bigger picture, sure electric scooters might not be perfect, sure they can be annoying and might sound a bit weird too, I don’t like people zooming in front of me either, but isn’t it the same for bicycles, for motorbikes and skateboarders? We have to take into consideration that this is all new territory, and change takes time..

The goal of electric scooters is to help the environment to reduce global emissions and make transportation easier and more enjoyable. The number one problem all over the world is global warming and it is going to affect all of us and everyone we know! It’s not even a next generation thing anymore, it’s a NOW kind of thing! If it were up to me, I would be trying to ban gas vehicles as soon as possible.. well I guess the "as soon as possible" part is key here and hence the trials again...


Don't you have to burn fossil fuels to power electric vehicles anyway???

Well yes but if it does take fossil fuels to create and charge electric vehicles at the end of the day don't you think its a step in the right direction? As big power plants become more renewable then charging electric vehicles will become cleaner and easier, and eventually we will able to travel around without thanks to ridiculously high emissions.

But this cannot happen if there is not enough infrastructure out there, without a big enough options or infrastructure how would anyone be able to transition towards electric in the first place? Not everyone can afford a Tesla model 10X.


At the moment ELECTRIC SCOOTERS are currently the most affordable and convenient way of purchasing an electric vehicle, unless you want to ride to work on your segway.

I’m not disregarding all the problems with electric vehicles, but we have to understand that these laws and temporary bans are just temporary. The roads might change, new lanes could be added (already in discussion), new safety laws will be implemented and hopefully riding these vehicles will be much safer for all of us. Besides they could really help us at the end of the day. Things like this always take time to catch up with our laws etc.


Also its important to note that are many countries in Europe still allow electric scooters on the roads today, in fact England only one of the few countries that has banned electric scooters like this in Europe. Partly due to our busy roads.

So, keep faith everybody, don’t let the news ruin the idea of what electric scooters mean and the potential that they have to change our society.

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Written by Christian Hochstrasser :)