There are a lot of nice bicycle routes in London and with an electric bike you can ride all of them! Electric Bicycles are classed as bicycles and follow the same laws. Except you may be able to get to the bicycle routes without being already totally exhausted. 

Electric bikes also let you cover a lot more distance so here are some slightly longer rides away from those busy London streets. Submitted by timeout magazine and written/edited by Christian Hochstrasser, Phoebe Trimingham, Ellie Walker-Arnott & Charlie Allen.

Battersea Park to Greenwich

1. Battersea Park to Greenwich

Total distance: 16km

Difficulty: Medium

Greenwich is a lovely place to ride your bike and there are lot's of places to ride along the river or through Greenwich park. This one in particular could be if you live closer to central and want to cross the river down to Vauxhall/Battersea then an amazing bicycle ride awaits you riverside.

The journey combines quieter roads with traffic-free paths, letting you sightsee to your heart’s content. Take it at a leisurely pace and stop off at Borough Market to refuel. Or race to The Royal Observatory as fast as you can. 

Highlights: How jealous all your friends will be of your Instagram story.


Limehouse Basin to London Fields

2. Limehouse Basin to London Fields

Total distance: 6km (via Regent’s Canal)

Difficulty: Easy

If you live near Whitechapel, Bethnal Green or Canary Wharf this might be for you.

By using the canal route of Regents Canal from Limehouse you will find a quieter stretch of the river actually allows you to go pass through three of east London's parks, Mile End park, Victoria Park and London Fields at the end if you want (for quick bite to eat)!

So from Limehouse, jump on the Thames Path towards Islington, passing a vibrant canal community and a few locks along the way. Soon arriving at a narrow green strip of Mile end park riding alongside all the way up the river Northways heading towards Victoria park and from then on following the river up until you hit Broadway market street and turning right up to Broadway Market in Hackney, grabbing a lovely bite to eat and possibly sitting down in London Fields! 

Highlights: Start quiet and end your ride with pretty views of the East End park.  


Big Ben to Richmond Park loop

3. Olympic Park to Wanstead Flats

Total distance: 6km (via Cann Hall Road)

Difficulty: Easy

Amazing places to get lost in nature, the beauty of this ride is in the bookends and its well worth the wait! (the less said about the bit between the destinations, the better). Possibly only 15 mins on the e-bike then you can ride around at a slower pace!

First, start off in the mighty Olympic Village. Cruise around the car-free tarmac, taking in the iconic Aquatics Centre, Olympic Stadium and that wiggly Orbit thing. Head up to the VeloPark now it’s back open again for a peek at the pros, then turn eastwards into Stratford. Any route will do, but aim for Cann Hall Road, which leads into a beautiful clearing of Wanstead Flats. Strikingly different from all the Olympic shininess, this huge expanse of rural greenery makes for a lovely contrast. Pick a trail and go get lost in the wilderness.  

Highlights: The deer, the geese at Wanstead Flats, you have it all!


4. Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace

Total distance: 6km

Difficulty: Easy – a picturesque ride along north London’s leafy network of paths

With your electric bike enjoy park views from the top of Alexandra Palace that most people will not bother to get to! 

Starting in Finsbury Park, the flat path winds its way along the Parkland Walk – a tree-lined track of an old disused railway. The only obstacles to dodge are the odd family strolls. A small section of riding on the road connects the two sections between Highgate and Muswell Hill, with the second path leading you up to Alexandra Palace and its spectacular views. Spot London landmarks on a clear day and then head back to Finsbury Park from the train station after whizzing down the other side of the hill.

Highlights: The hilltop view from Alexandra Palace.


Regent’s Park Outer Circle

6. Regent’s Park Outer Circle

Total distance: 4km (per lap)

Difficulty: Easy

If you want to loop around and enjoy some beautiful scenery Regents park is the place to go! Maybe a quick peak at some zoo animals if your lucky! Start in the far corner just up from Regent’s Park tube station and head anti-clockwise around the park.

The river and the amazing flowerbeds and nice open space surrounding the park make it a pleasure to zoom around, one of the best parks in London especially considering its central location! Also don't forget to awe at the amazement at the properties standing on the side lines.

Highlights: Trying to spot giraffes as they pop their heads out of ZSL London Zoo.


King’s Cross to Notting Hill
Ed Marshall

7. King’s Cross to Notting Hill

Total distance: 10km

Difficulty: Easy – a mainly flat route along one of the capital’s hidden gems

If you live around Camden or Kings cross it can sometimes be a challenge to find nice cycle routes through the busy streets of London. A lot of people don't realise that you can actually just ride their bikes along the canal! You would be amazed at the places you can go just following the canal and then popping out at the nearest park like a secret express way to your chosen location!

A nice route would be to Notting hill where you can enjoy some quieter streets with lovely food markets all around. After joining the Regent’s Canal Towpath at Granary Square you’re pretty much plain sailing until you reach west London’s iconic Trellick Tower. Head past Camden Lock, spot some of the wildlife on display at the zoo in Regent’s Park,  and take a break by the waterside in Little Venice. Turn off the path at the brutalist beacon and weave your way down the quiet side streets into the heart of Notting Hill. Make sure to mind your head under some of the bridges! Another cool route is from Camden all the way to Finsbury Park!

Highlights: Sailing past all the boats on the canal. 

The Tower of London to Big Ben

8. The Tower of London to Big Ben

Total distance: 5km (via the river and Victoria Embankment)

Difficulty: Easy

This riverside route packs in just about as much sights than if you took the river Thames boat cruise all the way through London. Definitely Instagram worthy and just a lovely day out overall for the memory books.

It also follows one big cycle lane, so you can have a tourist’s day out in relative safety. Poke around the Tower of London then hop onto Lower Thames Street, passing the Monument on your right and The Shard, Shakespeare’s Globe and Tate Modern over the river to your left. Zoom up to Somerset House, before continuing along Victoria Embankment with water edge views of the London Eye and the South Bank on the other side. Before you know it, Big Ben will appear in front of the Palaces of Westminster for a grand sightseeing finale – just remember to keep your eyes on the road too. 

With the occasional street vendor at Embankment or if you still have enough energy after Big Ben why not ride past Buckingham palace through Green Park all the way to Hyde park and explore your chances there! Maybe for a quieter section to cool down a bit? Now how's that for an amazing day out!

Highlights: Flying past so many of London’s big icons, heading into two of London's best parks.

Hyde Park loop

9. Hyde Park loop

Total distance: 7km

Difficulty: Easy

This transitions nicely into Hyde Park.

Fun fact: nine of the top 10 journeys made on Santander bikes start and end in Hyde Park. And with the traffic-free lanes of royal park to frolic around in, it’s easy to see why.

Spin your way through the Italian gardens, give Wills, Kate and the kids a wave as you pootle past Kensington Palace and stop for a breather to admire the Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial it faces. If you want to delve into the park a bit deeper, turn onto West Carriage Drive for views across the Serpentine and the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. But if you like your royals with a slice of revolution, then power on down to Park Lane and to complete the lap.

Highlights: Traffic-free fun in central London’s biggest green space.