The increase in demand for electric scooters has skyrocketed recently with this being the new phenomenon and a more exciting way of getting around town. However, with current laws restricting private e-scooters on roads, many people have second-guessed buying into this new economical and ethical way of getting around until the limits are decreased. Well, the time has come! The government has announced that a new low-speed, zero-emission category of vehicles will legally allow electric scooters to ride on the road.


Current laws and restrictions

In the UK, electric scooters are available to rent in certain cities as part of a government-backed trial, and you can ride these scooters on public roads. If you own a private electric scooter, you can only use it on private property, not on public roads or paths. You must also hold a minimum of a provisional license before you can hire an electric scooter, and you must complete an online course too before using an electric scooter on the roads. The reason there are restrictions around electric scooters is because of past dangers regarding them, however, due to an increase in safety measures and speed restrictions, as well as the government trials, these concerns are decreasing.


New legislations

Although there are current restrictions in place, there has been discussion to put in place a new low-speed, zero-emission category of vehicles which will allow for private e-scooters to be ridden on roads. According to WhatCar, ‘The new vehicle category will be independent from the existing categories for cycles and motor vehicles and could include various classes for different forms of personal electric transport’. This means there is an opportunity for more than just e-scooters to be legalised for road use.
Prince Charles stated at this year's Queen’s Speech ‘Her Majesty's Government will improve transport across the United Kingdom, delivering safer, cleaner services and enabling more innovation’. With the increased push to improve air quality by introducing more electric transport, electric scooters are certainly a way forward, especially for those who have a short commute to work in cities. Rather than getting the bus, tube or taking your moped, electric scooters are much safer for the environment and much more friendly for your wallet too.


Overcoming the issues



There are still some safety issues regarding e-scooters, many incidents are reported every year, such as people illegally riding them on public roads and pavements. In March 2022, a teenage girl was killed whilst riding her e-scooter after colliding with a van. Between January and June 2021 there were 258 collisions recorded, concluding that there are improvements in safety measures to be made. However, by legalising electric scooters there is the possibility that incidents will be reduced due to riders not illegally using them. This will result in more care taken when buying and insuring bikes and following electric transport-specific road rules, which will be put in place after the legalisation.


What does this mean for Gecko?


With the news of the Transport Bill and new legislation, there will be an increased demand for electric scooters which will result in a rise in sales. Here at Gecko, we have a range of electric scooters. To find the perfect one to suit your needs, try our ‘Decent One’ which has a 10-mile range perfect for popping out to the shop or visiting friends nearby. Have a longer commute? How about our ‘Performance’ scooter with a 25km range and easy folding mechanism allowing you to easily get on the tube or train with it. Getting to and through campus in a rush? Try our Cruzaa City e-scooter which has a 25km range! It can fold down into a backpack and be charged through a plug socket or even a USB charging port, perfect for when you are on the move for a few hours or out all day.

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